HubSpot Marketing Automation

Streamline your workflows with HubSpot Marketing Automation


Why do you need Marketing Automation?

  • You want to improve lead generation and ramp up your pipeline.
  • You want to leverage omnichannel (email, SMS, chat) benefits for your brand.
  • You want to deliver a more personalised experience to your customers.
  • You want to collect accurate data about your customers to nurture them effectively.

What are the benefits of using Hubspot Marketing Automation?

Save time

  • Set up powerful, automated workflows and reduce manual, repetitive tasks
  • Schedule marketing tasks, leading to greater productivity and efficiency

Nurture new leads

  • Put lead nurturing on autopilot with customised email drip campaigns
  • Create advanced workflows with multiple touchpoints to stay connected with your customers at anytime on their journey

Improve marketing performance

  • Improve marketing performance
    Monitor your campaign performance through real-time and actionable data
  • Understand your customer profile to better align your sales and marketing efforts

Get Started with vBase Digital

Discover seamless marketing automation with HubSpot today. Get access to the full suit of HubSpot Marketing Automation tool including:
  • Data cleanliness, reduction of manual labour, personalised customer interaction based on their lifestyle stages
  • Powerful and flexible workflow builder that allows you to automate your own customer journey
  • Users segmentation
  • Multi-channel messaging
  • Ability to integrate with various 3rd-party applications and extensions to automate tasks across your marketing stack